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How to Use DDNSIPCam.com

Who is Eligible to Use DDNSIPCam.com
DDNSIPCam.com installers, distributors, and end users to easily manage their DDNS network devices. DDNSIPCam.com is a cross functional platform which can be accessed via iOS, Mac, and Android systems.

How to get Started with DDNSIPCam.com

DDNSIPCam.com is HTML5 based. You could start adding or deleting an IP camera or NVR/DVR device via DDNSIPCam.com platform.

Click on Sign Up with email address for account, password and confirm password. An email will be sent to your email account. Click on the hyper link in the email that can finish account verification.

How to Setup IP camera or NVR/DVR Site for DDNSIPCam.com
Log onto the IP camera or NVR/DVR via a Web browser. Go to the DDNS setting on the network device, and follows the steps below:

  • Check off "Enable" under DDNS
  • For Account option, please create an account name
  • Create a password you can remember
  • Enter your Host name
  • Click on "Submit" button


Once you have successfully set up your camera or NVR/DVR device, you may go ahead start using DDNSIPCam.com services by pressing the "+" button.

  • Enter the host name of the IP camera or NVR/DVR device
  • Enter the DDNS password configured on the IP camera or NVR/DVR
  • Enter HTTP port number of the IP camera or NVR/DVR
  • Create a device name you can remember

If you wish to delete a device, please click on "-"

The Results
End users, installers, distributors of DDNSIPCam.com will receive this service with free of charge to well manage DDNSIPCam.com network devices. DDNSIPCam.com Cloud provides you:

  • Remote real-time monitoring access
  • Device status regular report updates
  • iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows PC platforms are supported

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